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On Demand

Chiara Corbetta, Bailey Hawcroft-Hurst & Marina Stoimenova

Sound design, performance direction

On Demand

On Demand

An examination of the relationship between content creator and audience in the age of interactive digital media. The piece features a duet between two performers: one on stage and one on screen. Created for and performed at the closing ceremonies of the [FRAME] international film festival, 2016.

This project was devised as a collaboration between two designers (Bailey and myself) and two dancer-choreographers (Chiara and Marina). We held meetings and interdisciplinary workshops with one-another to explore the subject of how user interactivity has changed the dynamics of media consumption. This involved presenting research and staging concepts (such as the idea of a film/live duet) to Chiara and Marina, who would improvise and choreograph their movements in response.

This led to a fluid way of working that had the group moving between the dance studio and the design studio, experimenting with different ways to present the concept along the way. What was important to all of us was that there was a shared sense of authorship throughout the piece. The two dancers were just as in control of the concept and final expression as the designers, and the designers were involved in decisions on choreography and staging.

To create the soundtrack, we made all the sounds by recording, distorting and corrupting sounds from various interactive technologies that utilise video or user-to-user communication, such as Netflix, Skype and Facebook Messenger. These sounds were manipulated in response to the dancers' movements and followed the pacing of the choreography, rather than having the soundtrack drive the movements on stage/screen.