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Sam Bennett, Leah Smith & Charlotte White

Sound design, film



Neutrois is an exploration of gender fluidity. Traditional indications of gender such as symbols, clothing and speech are eschewed for a more expressive approach to communication, asking how gender can be represented when freed of binary semiotic values.

[image description]: A screen split down the centre. On the left is a piece of black cloth being stretched out to the left by something within it. On the right is a piece of gold cloth falling over a figure in the centre. Both are against a black background.

[image description]: A dimly lit human face looking down from the top-left side of the image. Water is running off the person's face.

[image description]: Two figures knelt on the floor, wrapped in black and gold fabric respectively. The gold figure is in front of the black figure, looking upwards to the right, while the other figure looks down to the left.

[image description]: A screen split down the centre. The two figures are in the same ambiguous pose, with the screen split making them appear as one figure.

[image description]: A person mid-rotation, fading away from the camera with their left arm raised up to the top left corner of the image. Everything from their forso up is shrouded by thin, transluscent grey/gold/blue fabric.