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Lil Yamaha

[image description]: A pink and purple teddybear sitting on the floor, bopping rhythmically from side to side. Its ears are pierces with spikes and it has a septum piercing in its nose. It has long pink and black eyelashes, large blue eyes, pronounced front fangs and a tattoo of a honeybee on its left cheek. It is wearing a silver chain with a hear-shaped locket with 'LY' embossed into it. The bear has a silver chain bracelet on its right wrist and a black spiked PVC bracelet on the left. Its claws are painted glossy pink and pads of its feet are black with a repeating pattern of diamons and bees.

I was commissioned by the artist Lil Yamaha to develop and model a bear character based on preliminary sketches. This character is used as the 'face' of the artist.

[image description]: A looping gif of the bear model rotating 360 degrees in a t-pose position.

[image description]: A close-up shot of the top-right piortion of the face, highlighting the bee tattoo, eyes and pierced ear.

[image description]: A close-up of the locket and chain, showing that the letters 'LY' are embossed with a paintbrush effect.

[image description]: The bear model sitting with its feet together on the floor in a calm, meditative pose.

[image description]: A close-up of the open palm, showing that the pads on the hand have the same pattern as the ones on the feet.

[image description]: Process shots, showing the first pen-and-pencil sketches of the bear, to the first 3D model, to the finished, fully textured model.