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[image description]: A pink circle with the word 'INTERMISSION' written around the edges. The letters rotate around the circle in a staggered tick-tock motion. In the centre of the circle is an illustration of a man with short black hair holding a mug. He taps his fingers on the mug, nods his head and drinks from the mug in time with the ticking letters.

Intermission is a new coffee shop close to Hampstead Heath. I worked with Fieldwork Facility on developing their motion brand. The visual identity also featured character illustrations by Tomi Um, which I added animation to.

[image description]: A video split into three segments. On the left are two 16:9 loops stacked on top of one-another. The top one has a pink background and shows the word 'intermission', which fades out, leaving only the three dots of the 'i's, which bounce into place forming an ellipsis.

Below this is a box with a green background which shows these ellipsis dots jumping up and down, turning into pendulums and ticking along in a line.

On the right is a box with a yellow background featuring the same circular text animation as before.

The brand concept was based around the idea of taking a break and letting time tick by, so the motion reflected this is taking its animation cues from clocks, metronomes and other rhythmic devices.

The simple animations of the clock logo and the ellipsis mark made for nice satisfying loops for use on social media. Each set of animations could also be applied on top of imagery of the cafe easily.

[image description]: Three squares showing different animations. The first square has a yellow background and shows the circular text animation, but with clock hands that follow the letters.

The second box has an orange backgroud and shows the three ellipsis dots making their way around the border of the box in a staggered ticking motion.

The last box shows the circular text animation overlayed onto images taken around the cafe, with bright sunny lighting.