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EMAs 2019

[Image Description}: A large-scale LED MTV logo above a mirrored walkway, between two staggered seating areas lit from below by more LED lights. The lighting is all red and orange and features a motif of concentric circles with an effect that implies they are steps seen from above.

Stage and screen animations for the 2019 MTV EMAs in Seville, Spain. This work was done one a freelance basis as part of a team at Studio Moross.

[image description]: A wide-angle shot of the stage area. In the foreground is a small circular stage with a blue LED strip circling around the endge. Behind this is a crowd of people filling the floor. In the middle of the crowd stretching to the back of the room is a long catwalk made of LED screens. These screens display a staggered rainbow pattern. Thios pattern is repeated on the back wall of the room, where a horizontal pill-shaped screen displays the EMA Seville logo. There is a grid of orange neon strips that stretches along the ceiling, then curves downward across the right-hand wall.

The visual language of the event was designed by Studio Moross in reference to motifs of spanish cinema, as well as the stepped architecture of the city and the long shadows cast across it.

This manifested in the stage visuals, as well as the broadcast and on-screen nomination packages. Multiple house-looks were made to differentiate each segment of the ceremony.

[image description]: Three animated GIFs showing multiple angles of the stage as the camera pans around. Each shoes a multicolour pattern running up the main floor strip, which is surrounded by a crowd of people. The 3D MTV logo and saitrcase flashes and a griv of neon lights above is lit up in blue, yellow and red.

Three more gifs featuring flat graphics of different musical artists and categories. The first shows the words 'BEst new' slowly growing against a staggered red-to-yellow linear pattern. The second shows a red and black cutout of Ava Max against a yellow and blue background. This zooms and fades to an orange background. The words 'Lewis Capaldi' appear in black on the left, rotating slowly on a vertical 3D axis. On the right, the artist is shown in a black and light blue box.

The third gif shows Billie Eilish rendered in yellow and black against a deep blue backdrop. This slides down and the words 'best video' appear in black. This text shrinks slowly as a shadow elongates behind it and angles towards the right of the screen.

[image description]: A closer shot of the 3D MTV logo and seating area. It shows the MTV logo lit up in pastel purple and orange, with the LED strips under the seats in turquoise. A thin banbderole LED strip stretches across the room as the segmentation between the seating area and the standing crowd below. This strip also cover the side of the small circular stage. The Banderole strip shows a repeating pattern of the MTV logo in a staggered rainbow pattern.