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For two years, I've provided sound design work for Studio Moross's visual treatment of the British Film Institute's annual LGBTQ+ film festival, FLARE. Working alongside the design and motion team, I've created bespoke audio pieces that tie in with the themes and mood of the visuals.

[Image Description}: A pearlescent orb travelling through rippling lines. The ball bounces and pushes through the lines as a shimmering, irridescent film forms and disperses between the spaces.

Sound design provided for the BFI's annual LGBT+ film festival, FLARE. Working alongside the motion and design team, I provided multiple sound sketches that responded to the terms like 'tension', 'liquid' and 'release'.

The main sounds used ended up being mostly synthesised, to reflect the tone of the otherworldly visuals, but more percussive elements were sampled from stretching leather and latex, which sit low in the mix to create an underlying tension. Over-tightened strings and buckle straps were treated with post-processing effects to act as percussive elements.

I was first drawn to the harp as a leading instrument after seeing the layout of the lines in the visuals, but its plucked strings also turned out to be a good accompaniment for the other elements of tension in the piece.

I was called back a second year to provide sound design for the opening of BFI Flare 2022. This time the theme was about a blooming garden, with a focus on tranquility and positive growth.

I used a lot of soft pad synths, with minimal percussive elements, lead by a soft melodic arpeggio to drive the rhythm of the piece. Transitions in the visuals are accompanied by smooth chords with a soft attack and decay to accompany the slow bloom of each strand of the bouquet.

[Image Description}: Close-ups of 3D-rendered plant-like shapes. They move like organic objects blown on a gentle breeze, unfolding and blooming like showers. They have various multicoloured and metallic patterns and eventually resolve into one bouquet.